Other  (Clinic Regulation Consultation)

The consultation period closed December 31, 2015. Please stay tuned for updates.

Thirteen of Ontario's Health Care Regulatory Colleges* are excited to share information about the consultations to discuss whether Ontarians would benefit from a clinic oversight model, and what clinic regulation might look like in Ontario.

The consultation launched via website and webinar on November 18th at OntarioClinicRegulation.com.    At the website, you will be able to learn more about the reason why the colleges are exploring clinic oversight, how it might impact you, and the type of clinic oversight model that the 13 Health Regulatory Colleges want to explore further.   Please revisit the website for updates and to learn more by viewing videos, and share your views via online survey.

In addition to the online clinic regulation consultation, patients and Regulated Health Professionals shared their views at in-person consultations that completed December 9th.  

Learn More, Visit: OntarioClinicRegulation.com

*Members of the Clinic Regulation Working Group are:

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